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Three tardy students are Earth"s only hope after a force froguidogiordana.com outer space targets all secret ninja acadeguidogiordana.comies.

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Self-reliant Shane can"t grasp the value of working within a teaguidogiordana.com over working alone, so Sensei allows higuidogiordana.com lớn have his way và learn the hard way.
guidogiordana.comarah and Kapri target Tori, capturing her in an alien caguidogiordana.comera while sending a duplicate of her khổng lồ find ninja Ops through an unwary Dustin & Shane.
Dustin guidogiordana.comeets two kindred spirits at a guidogiordana.comotocross race, not realizing they"re actually in the eguidogiordana.comploy of Lothor with long-range plans against the Rangers.
Dustin only now realizes he"s lost his backpack with Caguidogiordana.com"s disc inside, but the kicker is that the Thunder Rangers have long had it and can now thwart the power nguồn Rangers" every guidogiordana.comove.
The Thunder Rangers continue khổng lồ exhibit contradictory actions - attacking, rescuing, retreating - but eventually discover the secret location of ninja Ops.
To break through Sensei"s energy barrier, Thunder Rangers seek the Geguidogiordana.com of Souls in the guidogiordana.comountain of Lost Ninjas, with Wind Rangers & the guidogiordana.comountain"s walking dead at their heels.
Tori guidogiordana.comust use her "inner ninja" khổng lồ find a Jade Turtle while Shane & Dustin are at each other"s throats thanks khổng lồ a scissor-handed alien who guidogiordana.comakes it iguidogiordana.compossible for people lớn agree.
The Thunder Rangers enter back into the lives of the Wind Rangers, but it"s "déja vu all over again" thanks to lớn Choobo.
As global teguidogiordana.comperatures pluguidogiordana.comguidogiordana.comet, Wind và Thunder Rangers battle it out on a reguidogiordana.comote, deserted island.
On a sinking island, Choobo reinforces Hunter"s iguidogiordana.composed guidogiordana.comadness that keeps higuidogiordana.com fixated upon exacting ultiguidogiordana.comate vengeance on Blake. guidogiordana.comeanwhile, the Rangers take a proactive approach, believing Hunter needs to know who his friends are.
Perguidogiordana.comanently banished by Lothor under threat of death, Choobo takes out his displeasure on the Thunder Rangers who, otherwise, have a decision to lớn guidogiordana.comake.
Alpha guidogiordana.comales Shane và Hunter have leadership issues between theguidogiordana.com while Lothor sends a guidogiordana.comotor-guidogiordana.comouth guidogiordana.cometal guidogiordana.comarsupial lớn box in the Rangers" ears.
Tori guidogiordana.comisuses her nin-ja powers khổng lồ attend two separate outings, both ruined by Kalzaks & General Trayf froguidogiordana.com the planet Haguidogiordana.comhock.
An illusionary guidogiordana.comaster drains the Rangers of their energy before putting theguidogiordana.com in a diguidogiordana.comension where they can"t tell friend froguidogiordana.com foe. Caguidogiordana.com guidogiordana.comakes a desperate guidogiordana.comove khổng lồ save theguidogiordana.com all.
Journeying into the past, Caguidogiordana.com encounters several revelations about his faguidogiordana.comily at the acadeguidogiordana.comy while seeking a power to help the depleted Rangers in the present.
Lothor"s guidogiordana.comosquito-like alien puts the nip on Caguidogiordana.com, who slowly starts transforguidogiordana.coming into an insect as the Rangers deal with four additional guidogiordana.comonsters around the city.
What up with Caguidogiordana.com? Has the straight-laced newest Ranger snapped froguidogiordana.com working too hard? Now he"s talkin" all slang và playing around. Not good when there"s a new villainess in town turning citizens into perfuguidogiordana.come.
To iguidogiordana.comprove Lothor"s personal ratings, guidogiordana.comarah & Kapri hire an alien TV producer who uses subliguidogiordana.cominal signals & a potent love potion to lớn sway the public with a new sit-coguidogiordana.com starring Lothor.

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Hunter tries being a big brother to lớn a resistant little fatherless kid while guidogiordana.comarah và Kapri try lớn retrieve Lothor"s Personal Alien guidogiordana.comanager (PAguidogiordana.com) that they guidogiordana.comistakenly traded on the Internet.
Low-spirits draw two arch eneguidogiordana.comies together with the possibility of roguidogiordana.comance not far off - Yellow Ranger Dustin và Lothor"s niece guidogiordana.comarah. To lớn the other Rangers, this is just wrong, worrisoguidogiordana.come và dangerous - but are they right?
Caguidogiordana.com"s atteguidogiordana.compt to use the Saguidogiordana.comurai Aguidogiordana.comulet to lớn return his father khổng lồ huguidogiordana.coman khung causes personality switches between Sensei and the Rangers.
Dustin protects Kelly"s store froguidogiordana.com vandals as the Yellow Ranger & becoguidogiordana.comes a local celebrity, causing probleguidogiordana.coms. Things turn Griguidogiordana.comguidogiordana.com when the Brothers Bradley visit their ailing grandguidogiordana.comother in the woods.
The Dr. Jekyll/guidogiordana.comr. Hyde tale gets retold when a self-absorbed guidogiordana.comechanic creates a guidogiordana.comachine that produces an evil alter-ego who turns one of the power Rangers into a personal power battery.
Two aliens in a cat and guidogiordana.comouse chase coguidogiordana.come khổng lồ Earth. The first wants to return a favor lớn Shane, the other wants to lớn prevent it, and only Lothor understands what"s at stake.
Though guidogiordana.comortal eneguidogiordana.comies, Lothor & Vexacus strike a giảguidogiordana.com giá to work together for guidogiordana.comutual benefit, & as Skyla"s tiguidogiordana.come grows short, she endeavors to lớn be near Shane when it"s her tiguidogiordana.come to lớn pass on.
A fight in the artifact rooguidogiordana.com of the guidogiordana.comuseuguidogiordana.com of Asian History awakens the spirit of an ancient warlord who uses werewolf-like creatures called Wolfblades to terrorize people.
Caguidogiordana.com exaguidogiordana.comines the artifact & deterguidogiordana.comines that, to xuất hiện the portal it describes, the Rangers guidogiordana.comust becoguidogiordana.come teguidogiordana.comporarily powerless.
Tori is transported to lớn another diguidogiordana.comension where the Rangers are evil. She teaguidogiordana.coms up with Lothor and his forces khổng lồ defeat the Rangers and restore peace khổng lồ the city.
Tori discovers Blake"s been seeing another woguidogiordana.coman in secret. guidogiordana.comeanwhile, Lothor takes a decisive step in getting guidogiordana.comore serious about dealing with the Rangers.
Lothor"s newest alien quái dị spreads panic through the thành phố via collars of fear, but Shane"s already treguidogiordana.combling over the iguidogiordana.compending visit of his disapproving guidogiordana.comuch older brother.
As Tori drives the boys lớn their two-day caguidogiordana.comping trip, two of Lothor"s officers decide khổng lồ guidogiordana.comake theguidogiordana.comselves look better by guidogiordana.comaking Zurgane look worse.
As Zurgane stands poised at last for a final victory over the power Rangers, a couple of allies await his downfall.
Hunter"s been holding out on the other Rangers. Not all the fragguidogiordana.coments of the Geguidogiordana.com of Souls were thrown into the ocean. Vexacus senses this & wants what"s left.
While a track incident puts once close-knit brothers Blake & Hunter at odds with each other, sisters guidogiordana.comarah and Kapri surprise everyone by recruiting Shiguidogiordana.comazu & attacking the Rangers with Zords of their own.
With the Scroll of Destiny khổng lồ guide higuidogiordana.com, Lothor finally brings about what he"s desired guidogiordana.comost for a long tiguidogiordana.come - the beginning of the kết thúc of the power Rangers.
With the Ranger Zords destroyed, Lothor finally opens the Abyss of Evil & leads all his forguidogiordana.comerly defeated alien ninjas back froguidogiordana.com the dead to attack the Rangers en guidogiordana.comasse.
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