To save passengers' waiting time in line at the airport, Vietnam Airlines applies check in online service. Accordingly, the passengers themselves confirm information of their flights through trang web of the airline without having to bởi check-in at the airport on the day of flight departure. There is no need for passengers to wait in line to have their boarding passes printed and their seats allocated by airport staff when using check-in kiosks at the airports.

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Check-in online is suitable for passengers who vì chưng not have baggage to kiểm tra in. However, if passengers have checked baggage, they can still vì normal check-in online, and then vày check-in procedures for baggage at counters in the airport. In Vietnam, cả nước Airlines has implemented pretty good check-in online service.

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From June 25th, passengers checked in online on Web/ Mobile/ Kiosk can use boarding pass (self-printed on paper or displayed on mobile phone screens, tablets, etc) lớn pass the security checkpoint without obtaining a boarding pass from the service check in counter at the airport, và can save your waiting time in line at the airport. This regulation is applied for passengers without checked baggage traveling on Vietnam Airlines flights from airports of Noi Bai, da Nang và Tan Son Nhat.


Mr. Le Hoang Dung, VNA spokesman said "Passengers vị check-in online can self select seat, print or send boarding pass to lớn their email". When arriving at the airport, passengers only need lớn present boarding pass và personal documents at the security checkpoint. The time for check-in online is between 24 hours to 2 hours before estimated time of departure".

Vietnam Airways support online check-in with its domestic & international flights departing from cities including da Nang (DAD), Hanoi (HAN), Ho chi Minh thành phố (SGN), Busan (PUS), Kuala Lumpur (KUL), Phnom Penh (PNH), Siem Reap (REP), Seoul (Incheon airport) (ICN), Vientiane (VTE), Singapore - Changi Airport (SIN), Tokyo (Narita airport) (NRT), Jakarta (JKT), thủ đô bangkok (BKK), Taipei (TPE), Frankfurt (FRA), Beijing (PEK), Hongkong (HKG)

Vietnam Airlines online check-in is not applicable to passengers as follow:

- Passengers request special services (excluding special meals)- Passengers are in VNA 's blacklist- Passengers travel with infants under 2 years old- Passengers use ID & AD tickets- Passengers travel on flights departing from destinations not in the các mục above.- Passengers travel on flight of other airlines- Passengers travel on codeshares flights operated by other airlines

Note that:After completing Online Check-in, passengers can change their seat at check in counter.Checked baggage (if any) is checked in at web check in counter