Ha Ji Won And Hyun Bin

Ha Ji Won - "Hyun Bin"s rumored girlfriend" - The woman considered khổng lồ be the most chemistry with Hyun Bin is still lonely at the age of 40!

Ha Ji Won – ‘Hyun Bin’s rumored girlfriend’ – The woman considered lớn be the most chemistry with Hyun Bin is still lonely at the age of 40!

Ha Ji Won’s real name is Jeon Hae-ryên, born in 1978 in Seoul, South Korea. Since childhood, Ha Ji Won has stood out more than her peers because of her own beauty. Since he was a high school student, Ha Ji Won has caught the eye of many entertainment companies.

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“Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming an actor. When I was a high school student, an entertainment company contacted me when I saw my picture in a studio,” Ha Ji Won shared.

The easy starting point will bring Ha Ji Won a considerable advantage but not lượt thích that. Few people know that Ha Ji Won failed with more than 100 auditions before becoming a movie actor.

Remembering the first days of entering the entertainment industry, Ha Ji Won herself was surprised by her tireless perseverance. It turned out the dream of becoming an actor gave Ha Ji Won so much motivation.

After joining the entertainment industry, she officially named Ha Ji Won. It is quite interesting that the name Ha Ji Won is due lớn her first manager, inspired by her first love sầu.

In 1996, Ha Ji Won first debuted in a teen movie called New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Understvà Us. In the movie, Ha Ji Won plays an “extra”.

However, over the years, the Korean screen beauty has often recalled the first role of her life, the role that nurtured her dream to become an actress.

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The movie that brought Ha Ji Won’s popularity was School 2 in 1999. Thanks khổng lồ her role in School 2, Ha Ji Won was first recognized as an actress. For her role in the thriller Truth Game, Ha Ji Won received the Best Rookie Actress Award at the 37th Grand Bell Awards và the Busan Film Critics Awards.

Since then, the beauty of the beauty is increasingly advancing with unforgettable roles in her career such as Queen Ki, Secret Garden …

Constantly playing the svào, personality women, Ha Ji Won is known as the woman of Korean entertainment. But different from the personality shown in the movie, Ha Ji Won in real life is a gentle girl with a strict lifestyle “like a teacher”.

During trăng tròn years of his career, Ha Ji Won did not seem khổng lồ have a dating rumor. Many people think that maybe because the beautiful girl devoted too much enthusiasm khổng lồ her career, absorbed in making money, she forgot about love.

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Talking about this, Ha Ji Won confided, in her heart, she was always thinking of finding a man that she could rely on. Because inherently, women, no matter how svào, yearn lớn find someone to lớn protect them.

Ha Ji Won is also one of the few female celebrities with little scandal of entertainment industry. For 20 years, scandals involving Ha Ji Won were also extremely rare.

One of them is a story about the relationship between Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo. On that day, Hyun Bin và Song Hye Kyo were the most beautiful couple in Korea with the support of a large number of Korean và Asian fans.

Therefore, in 2011, when the two decided to lớn part ways public opinion was extremely unexpected. Many people are still trying khổng lồ find the cause of the couple breaking up.

At that time, Hyun Bin was popular with the Serect Garden and there were rumors that the cause of the disruption was because a third person appeared, the “spoilers” are none other Ha Ji Won – Hyun Bin’s co-star in Serect Garden.

After breaking up with Hyun Bin, in an interview, Song Hye Kyo shared, “I am actually a person who is not easy lớn forgive sầu. I leave it to lớn someone who simply wants to lớn quickly forget the troubles in my heart. “.

This statement of Song Hye Kyo sparked a wave of curiosity about the profoundly broken cause of the previous Song Hye Kyo – Hyun Bin love sầu story.

However, all are just the doubts of netizens but the insiders did not speak out.

In recent years, Ha Ji Won was probably the most tiring time when facing constant losses. In năm nhâm thìn, the father of the famous actress suddenly died. To Ha Ji Won, her father is an amazing father. Therefore, his departure has left the actress with a huge space.In January 2018, Ha Ji Won’s only brother committed suicide after long periods of depression. Nearly 1 year, Ha Ji Won had khổng lồ cry tears to see off the two people she loved the most, making the beauty feel lượt thích falling down.

After the death of his younger brother, Ha Ji Won temporarily withdrew completely from the entertainment industry.